Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ok, It's Been a While...

I could write a book on all the changes between my last post and this one, but suffice to say, things that were once of high importance to me no longer are quite that important, and things that I once took for granted are now highly important and essential to me.

We don't begin to value life until we realize that it doesn't last forever; all human beings, with the possible exception of those who die quickly and unexpectedly in their youth, come to the point some day where, for the first time, they realize that they are finite, something they always knew in their heads, but never actually believed.

I still have my opinions, politically, and I know who I really want to see in the White House in January of 2013, but frankly, even if I get my wish, it won't even make the top ten list of the most important things that are happening.

So, I will be revving this blog back up.  I am also going to delete some of the blogs that I have written that I don't think reflect my own opinion any more.  If I can find a way to move some to a historical blog, I will move them there, because I love history and have more things to say.

For those of you who followed this blog and gave up on me, I hope you will see this and come back. I have some more things to say, and I hope to get to do it.

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