Friday, May 9, 2008

In Summary: Blue and Red

Blue states and Red states. It goes far beyond anything as simple as "Republican vs Democrat," or "Liberal vs Conservative." In a nutshell, for those who don't like to read long posts, here is the summary of the last two posts:

  • Blue is a consumer; Red is a producer
  • Blue wants the government to do it for him; Red wants to do it himself
  • Blue likes spending others' money; Red likes saving his own
  • Blue thinks things will eventually work out if he just sits there; Red wants to do something about it.
  • Blue perceives comfort, entertainment, and plenty as rights; Read sees them as privileges to be earned.
  • Blue thinks it's everybody else's fault when things go bad; Red thinks that bad things should be addressed and fixed.
  • Blue likes to earn and spend money fast, and spend more than he makes; Red knows that the tortoise always beats the hare, and lives on less than he earns.
Again, "Red" is not Republican; in fact, Republicans are looking bluer and bluer each year. The two main parties will be a choice, not of color, but of shades of blue. I look forward to the return of a viable "Red" candidate. Some of you have local "Red" candidates, for senator, representative, governor, and local offices. The higher you climb, the less red you will see. We must support "Red" candidates locally, and send a message to the top.

This also means that we have to stop voting for Santa Clause. We need to stop voting for expensive promises, and quick fixes. Maybe, this election, the best thing we could do is vote for a candidate because of what he or she will not do.

I don't care whether you vote Republican or Democrat or Third Party. I don't care whether you vote liberal or conservative. All I ask you to do this year is not vote Blue.

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